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Safety Defeat Override Management System

With Custodian, control room operators can enter alarm overrides into a secure, web enabled database. Custodian is more than just an electronic version of the traditional paper override tracking system. Control room operators enter overrides in a secure, auditable system, bringing them in line with current trends and regulations. Custodian provides clear visualization of overrides and fully documents each override through its lifecycle.

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Simple, Secure, Auditable Tool for the Control Room Operator

Custodian is completely intuitive and provides the control room operator with a simple, yet reliable and efficient means of tracking and controlling plant overrides in accordance with your company’s override control strategy and industry best practice.

Custodian has a simple menu structure, allowing even the most inexperienced control room operator to quickly utilize all the tools and make effective use of the information available. Custodian also uses active directory user name and password authentication for each control room operator approval action, ensuring the data is secure and providing an audit trail.

Key Features:

  • Effective control of plant overrides
  • Enhanced compliance with regulations
  • Improved operator efficiency
  • Comprehensive record of all active and long-term overrides
  • Improved audit trails
  • Ensure company procedures and best practices are institutionalized
Manage and monitor all PID Control Loops on a single screen
Custodian Active Override View
Track PID Control Loop performance
Custodian Override Details Page
Monitor APC performance
Custodian Shift Change Report

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